Chateau SIRAN

2,700.000 – Neal Martin – Avril 2015
Score: 90-92
“The Château Siran 2014 has perhaps the most sophisticated bouquet that I have encountered at his stage from
this upcoming estate. There is real definition and focus here, more precision than recent vintages have shown.
The palate is medium-bodied with tensile tannin. There is good acidity, energetic and animated in the mouth
with a vivacious finish that has class. This is very promising for the future and it may warrant a higher score in

  • Quốc gia sản xuất: Pháp
  • Vùng: Margaux
  • Mùa nho: 2014
  • Cấp độ: AOC
  • Giống nho: 53,5 % Merlot, 38 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 8,5 % Petit Verdot.
  • Nồng độ cồn: 13-14%
  • Thể tích: 750ml
  • Loại rượu vang: Rượu vang đỏ

Produced from soils made up of a deep layer of gravel, the wines of Siran are typical of the great Margaux growths. Both powerful and delicate, they express the perfect balance between tannin, fruit and acidity.

They are long-ageing wines, which over time develop sweetness on the palate, giving a characteristic silky and velvety mouth-feel.

Made from a subtle blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot, Château Siran generally expresses finesse, femininity and silkiness rather than the raw power and virility of some Médoc wines. The high percentage of Petit Verdot, which can be as much as 15% of the final blend in some years, brings a spicy finish which enhances the unique character of the wines of Château Siran.

Château Siran displays charm when young but is also a wine of very long ageing potential. Wine enthusiasts particularly appreciate the complexity of its aromas that it develops over time.

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